Copper Branch Blog about Veloce POS system

The Beanstalk is growing ! 

Once Upon a Time … 

In 1992, and well before having started Copper Branch’s, Mister Rio Infantino owned 16 Subway restaurants. He was on top of his career and all was great, until the day his health began to go downhill.

What was the initial reason behind the first Copper Branch opening?

One morning, he found himself on the scale at 300 pounds and this sparked a brilliant idea. Mister Infantino was going to make healthy changes and choose his food wisely.  He decided to invest his fortune into a pilot project.  He started selling all his Subway restaurants and devoted his full attention to the Copper Branch concept specializing in healthy food.  He has invested over 2 millions dollars in this new company, done in-depth market research and worked with consultants to get the optimal results possible for his concept.

Moreover, another family member has joined the team. His son Andrew Infantino has created the Copper Branch website and works on the marketing for the company.

Copper Branch loves Veloce

In the video, Andrew explains the efficacy of the Veloce point of sale software which has been installed in most of their restaurants. He also discussed the importance of having a kitchen screen combined with the VelBUMP keyboard in order to waste no paper and this falls into the companies culture.  He continues to see the benefits of Veloce and how the Analytics platform is an awesome feature that all franchises should use worldwide.

Healthy Menus

By using healthy foods, such as eggplant, chickpeas et coji berries, he has created four delicious vegan burgers. Moreover, the restaurant offers a typical meal from Quebec « La poutine », but Copper Branch ensures to maintain the healthy aspect for its restaurants. Therefore, he created the first mushrooms and creamy sauce for poutines.

A success for a restaurant with a unique concept!

The first Copper Branch opened its doors in 2014. With the success of the first opening, 26 other restaurants opened in Quebec, Ontario and Canada West.  They will open 80 new restaurants before the end of 2019, and 150 more by 2020. The company has chosen New York for its first United States location based on the cities reputation.

Two important values for the Copper Branch.

First, the importance of providing the customers with fresh food and the consistency of the meals. These values enable people to make good healthy choices with foods with high energy.  Copper Branch is eco-friendly and conscious, in order to participate in helping our planet, the franchise has opted for minimum packaging and recycled items for its products delivered to customers.

We hope you learned more about this food chain.

We suggest you that you go taste some vegan meals at the following restaurants:

Bon appétit everyone!