Born from a 5th generation of English-speaking family, the Wolfe sisters, Rebecca and Mandy did not know they would be the owners of one of the most important gourmet salad chains in the greater Montreal area. Before the beginning of this great adventure, Mandy was finishing her studies in Russian history and wanted to become a writer. For her part, Rebecca had completed her schooling in psychology and dreamed of becoming an actress.

Inspired by a New York idea, they decided in 2004 to open their first salad bar concept. The establishment was in the back of the Mimi & Coco clothing store on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal. Despite the pitfalls and winter storms of Quebec, the sisters believed in their project. Without experience in marketing, business or advertising, they were on the way to success of their first company. They achieved their goals through their interpersonal skills and dynamic involvement. Quickly, customers began to line up to savor their gourmet salads.

Mandy is the culinary expert, and she is behind the success of the salad recipes. Her first name is the inspiration for the gourmet salad restaurants. For her part, Rebecca manages the concept of all the locations, in addition to ensuring the uniformity of the brand. They have come a long way since the first opening, as they now own seven beautiful establishments. In the short to medium term, they would like to open new restaurants in Toronto, Miami and Dubai.

No more POST-It notes

In the beginning, the Wolfe sisters used another point-of-sale software. Frequently it broke down, and they would have to revert to using Post-it notes for their customers for write down their orders. Now, Rebecca and Mandy no longer need to distribute sticky notes to their customers because they trust Veloce as Point of Sale software. In addition to its reliability, Veloce also offers them the possibility to make price and menu changes at specific locations due to the corporate module. It also allows them to receive alerts and daily reports on their mobile devices. They experience the satisfaction of using Veloce daily and it’s an important aspect for the planned growth.


Work-Family juggling

The Wolfe sisters have busy schedules, but they still succeed in balancing work and family. With time and experience, they have learned to delegate, which allows them to take good care of their families and children. They invite you to enter their world of Mandy’s restaurants and come and enjoy one of their tasty dishes.

Rebecca and Mandy, the entire Veloce team wants to thank you from the bottom of their hearts for your involvement in the Veloce video project. We wish you the best of success for your future projects.