VelPAY: Your Point of Sale (POS) Solution and Payment System Integrated in a Single Device 

Montreal, December 9, 2020– For a long time, the hospitality industry had to juggle different tools to meet both its payment processing and order taking needs. Indeed, although these elements are closely related, the tools available on the market did not offer a product that could both process payment transactions in addition to acting as a point of sale (POS) system. 

 An All-in-One, Integrated and Centralized Solution 

Constantly attentive to its customers and their needs, PayFacto has noted the recurring challenges resulting from the lack of centralization of these two crucial systems decided to address all of these challenges by creating VelPAY; a solution that combines both an innovative POS system and a fast and secure transaction processing, payment solution. VelPAY is uniquely designed to provide mobility, speed and security to the hospitality industry from a single device. 

A state-of-the-art, multifunctional POS solution, VelPAY has all the innovative and exclusive features of the Veloce POS system in a new generation, PAX A920 Android, payment terminal that allows for secure and fast payment transaction processing by PayFacto. Equipped with a large HD color touchscreen display, thermal printer, camera, built-in near field communication (NFC) contactless system, large memory and high battery capacity; this device is at the heart of our mission to unify payment processing and order input.

Restaurants and bars no longer need to compromise the mobility of their servers to have both a full-featured point of sale system and a secure and reliable payment transaction processing solution. They can now take advantage of these two key elements for the smooth running of their operations with one device. 

 – Martin Leroux, President and CEO of  PayFacto