Veloce POS Fonctionnalités Avancées

In the restaurant business, excellence is built on flawless precision and optimal management. In an industry where efficiency, flexibility, and agility are essential for the success of a business, a smart point of sale system becomes an indispensable tool.

Veloce POS enters this complex landscape, our integrated solution specifically designed to overcome the unique challenges faced by owners and managers of restaurants, bars, fast food chains, cafes, breweries, food trucks… just to name a few types of establishments that benefit from our system every day.

By offering a range of advanced features, Veloce POS positions itself as the ideal partner in a world constantly stimulated by technological advances.

Here is an overview of what Veloce POS has to offer:

VelPAY powered by PayFacto: All-in-One POS/Payment System

Thanks to VelPAY, you can enjoy an integrated payment solution that facilitates transactions and enhances the customer experience. Powered by PayFacto, VelPAY is the app installed on an A920 Pro payment terminal, providing an all-in-one payment solution combined with the features of Veloce POS for a complete point of sale system.

VelKDS: A Paperless Environment

With VelKDS, you can say goodbye to paper. This kitchen order display system enables smooth communication between the service staff and the kitchen, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

VelCloud: Always Up-to-Date Reports

With VelCloud, all your reports are synchronized in real time, providing you with an accurate and current view of your business at any given time. This feature allows for better tracking of your performance and facilitates decision making.

VelGift by Freebees: Retain Your Customers

Veloce POS integrates an advanced gift card system and a loyalty program both powered by VelGift and Freebees. By integrating these features, not only do you get a chance to reward and retain your regular customers, but you also create an effective means to attract new customers.

Inventory Module: Optimal Stock Management

The inventory module of Veloce POS is a comprehensive tool that facilitates inventory management, production, and loss. It also allows for the management of regular inventory, purchase orders, and order validation.

Online Ordering and Kiosk: Modernized Customer Experience

With online ordering and touch screen order kiosk, Veloce POS adapts to modern consumer expectations. These features facilitate ordering for customers while improving service efficiency.

QR Code Payment: Smart Transactions

Veloce POS also allows for QR code payment, a feature that adds an extra layer of flexibility and convenience for your customers.

Integration of Multiple Third-Party Services: Personalization at Your Fingertips

Last but not least, Veloce POS offers the possibility to integrate a multitude of third-party services, allowing you to customize your system according to your specific needs.

Discover the Advanced Features of Veloce POS

Veloce POS is a true management tool designed to help your business thrive. To see the advanced features in action or to learn more about what Veloce POS can bring to your business, book a demo today!