VelPay - Veloce POS - Restaurant Management solution

The fast-paced world of hospitality and restaurant industry comes with its own set of challenges. Restaurant owners and managers face several operational issues that can hinder their efficiency and profitability. Let us explore some of these persistent challenges and introduce a solution that will transform your establishment into an efficient, profitable, and enjoyable place to manage.

Say goodbye to equipment clutter

The restaurant industry often requires a multitude of equipment, from kitchen appliances to point-of-sale systems and payment devices. Managing all these equipment can be a challenge in and of itself. Restaurateurs need to ensure the equipment is in good working condition, keep track of technological updates, perform repairs, and manage spare parts inventory. All of this can result in additional costs and complex logistics.

The VelPAY by Veloce system offers a convenient solution to tackle your equipment clutter challenges. Our all-in-one portable terminal integrates point-of-sale software with a quick and secure payment solution. No more dealing with cash registers, multiple terminals, or tangled wires. With VelPAY, everything you need is in one device, simplifying your management process.

Eliminate repetitive trips to the POS station

Constant back-and-forth trips of servers to the POS station can slow down service and create bottlenecks. Servers need to take orders, relay information to the kitchen, process payments, and generate receipts, leading to queues and delays. This can also lead to order-taking errors and decreased customer satisfaction.

VelPAY by Veloce instantly sends orders to the kitchen and bar, speeding up order processing by the staff. This feature eliminates the need for servers to go back and forth between the dining area and the kitchen or a POS station, thereby improving productivity and efficiency.

Save yourself from double data entry frustration

Double data entry is a common problem in the restaurant industry. Employees often have to enter orders on both separate order-taking and payment systems, which can lead to errors and delays. Not only does this affect customer service, but it can also result in poor inventory management and billing issues.

VelPAY by Veloce eliminates the issue of double data entry by seamlessly integrating all steps of the payment process. With a seamless connection between the point-of-sale software and the payment terminal, transaction information is automatically synchronized, eliminating the need for manually entering payment amounts or details multiple times.

Automate administrative tasks and save time

For restaurant owners, the end of a busy day can be stressful due to the laborious task of consolidating operations. Restaurateurs need to ensure all payments, tips, supplier invoices, and other expenses are accurately recorded and accounted for. This manual task can be time-consuming and poses a higher risk of errors, leading to accounting issues and inaccurate reports.

With VelPAY, consolidating and closing the day no longer has to be a chore. Our solution simplifies this process by automating associated administrative tasks. End-of-day reports are generated automatically, providing a clear view of your performance and enabling you to make informed decisions for the next day. You no longer have to spend hours on these tedious tasks as VelPAY handles them for you, allowing you to focus on the essential aspects of your business.

Experience VelPAY with a personalized demonstration

Don’t wait any longer to discover how VelPAY by Veloce can improve the efficiency and performance of your establishment. Contact us now to learn more or to arrange a free demonstration of our solution. VelPAY will help you turn your restaurant into a more efficient and profitable business.