Veloce Third Party Integration

Three essential pillars reside at the heart of an organization’s success: time, money, and productivity. Unfortunately, many businesses still face significant challenges, such as lack of automation and frequent human errors leading, ultimately, to financial losses.

Rest assured, with Veloce POS and its ecosystem of integrated partners, these challenges can be skillfully resolved.

Maximize Your Profitability with Libro

Veloce POS has partnered with cutting-edge solutions to help you maximize your profitability. Thanks to our collaboration with Libro, our customers benefit from privileged access to a powerful and user-friendly online reservation system.

With Libro, you can significantly reduce no-show reservations, optimize your table occupancy and enhance the overall experience. Libro thus becomes a powerful asset for making your establishment a favorite place for your customers, while improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Optimize Your Staff Management with Push

Push, an integrated partner of Veloce POS, can help you optimize schedule and human resource management to enhance your company’s productivity. With this solution, you’ll be able to create more efficient schedules for your staff, reduce unnecessary overtime, and minimize resource wastage, thereby allowing you to better control your operational costs.

Increase Your Productivity with Hotello

By using Hotello, a hotel management solution integrated with Veloce POS, you can improve the efficiency of your hotel operations. From reservation management to billing, through room management, everything is optimized to allow you to devote more time to welcoming your customers and improving their experience.

Retain Your Customers with Freebees

Having loyal customers is essential for your business growth. Freebees offers tailored gift cards and loyalty programs, which can help you attract new customers and retain those who regularly return. A loyal customer base means recurring revenues and a positive reputation for your business.

Simplify Ticketing and Profit Management with Connect&Go

The integrated Connect&Go solution simplifies the management of profits and ticketing for amusement parks and events. You can track your sales, manage entries and exits, and analyze attendance data to make informed decisions and increase your profitability.

Transparent Accounting with Acomba

Keep a clear view of your finances with Acomba, accounting software integrated with Veloce POS. Track your expenses, manage your revenues, and generate accurate financial reports to better understand your business’s financial health and make informed strategic decisions. Offering exceptional user-friendliness and reliability, Acomba blends seamlessly into the Veloce POS ecosystem, providing you with a complete solution to manage your business efficiently and transparently.

All-in-One Ordering and Payment System Powered by PayFacto

Thanks to integration with PayFacto, Canada’s largest independent payment processor, Veloce POS offers unmatched agility with its state-of-the-art features and unparalleled reliability. PayFacto provides point of sale and payment solutions for the hospitality industry, suitable for all types of establishments, whether they are restaurants, hotels, or bars, whether independent or chains. These turnkey solutions manage service, kitchen, payments, and sales analysis. They come with quality support and incorporate many technological innovations, including detailed reports and a kitchen management system.

Step Up the Pace: Explore Veloce POS and Its Integrated Partners Today

Veloce POS’s integrated partners offer a complete range of solutions to address the most common problems faced by restaurant and bar managers, amusement parks, event organizers, and more.

Book a Veloce POS demo to discover how these solutions can transform your business today!