Velpay - Veloce POS

Welcome to the world of VelPay, THE all-in-one payment solution, designed to transform your operations with agile and simplified payments.

We invite you to discover how VelPay by Veloce meets the specific needs of five types of businesses: event planning, amusement parks, golf courses, catering, and food trucks.

Better Efficiency in Foodservice Thanks to VelPay’s Transformative Role

In the foodservice industry, efficiency is the key to success. Designed for restaurants by restaurateurs, VelPay changes the game by introducing a unified solution: the Veloce POS system paired with a mobile terminal payment method. The result? Smooth and fast order and payment management, enabling better table turnover and improved efficiency. What’s more, you can reduce your staffing needs while providing efficient and secure service.

Greater Productivity for Event Organizers

Event organizers are often faced with management challenges during gatherings and festivities. VelPay simplifies this process by integrating the Veloce POS point of sale software with a quick payment solution. The outcome: lines are reduced, and participants enjoy a smooth and pleasant experience.

On top of that, you can cut back on your labor requirements, increase operational efficiency, and minimize payment errors, for a flawless management of your events.

Flexibility and Speed for Amusement Park Operators

Amusement parks are demanding entertainment venues where visitors expect an exceptional experience. Veloce’s VelPay system meets these expectations by allowing real-time transaction management on a portable terminal, offering unparalleled flexibility. Less waiting time, more visitor turnover, and an enriched experience. You can even reduce your personnel while maintaining high operational efficiency, which translates into lower labor costs.

Efficient Service for a Better Experience on the Golf Course

Golf course operators consider golfer satisfaction as a top priority. With VelPay, payment management becomes mobile and optimized. By integrating Veloce POS with a quick and secure payment solution, your golfers can now easily settle their expenses directly on the course, without needing to go to the clubhouse. This smooth and fast service improves customer satisfaction while optimizing your operations, thus reducing staffing costs.

Smart and Portable Management for Your Food Truck

With VelPay, food truck operators can enjoy unparalleled efficiency and convenience. Designed for mobility, VelPay is your reliable partner whether parked or on the way to a new location. Thanks to this affordable and intuitive solution, you can serve more customers faster, thus increasing your revenue and improving customer satisfaction. Plus, its reliability gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what you do best: preparing and serving delicious meals.

Ready to Discover How VelPay by Veloce Can Revolutionize Your Business?

VelPay goes well beyond a simple payment solution. It’s a true innovation, offering all-in-one payment systems for agile management of your operations. Whether you’re in charge of event planning, managing an amusement park, golf course, restaurant, or operating a food truck, VelPay by Veloce adapts to your specific needs.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule a free VelPay demonstration. We are here to answer your questions and show you how our system can meet your specific needs.