The restaurant sector is one of the areas that requires great rigor in the management of stocks and daily operations. That’s why it’s essential to be able to rely on tools that not only simplify management, but also optimize operations in depth. Veloce POS is this essential partner that has made itself indispensable thanks to its inventory module with rich and varied features.

The inventory module of Veloce POS allows a real immersion in the world of advanced customization of work processes:

“Imagine an establishment with several bars where each employee has a PAX terminal in their hands. PAX can be assigned a color so that all servers with green PAX, for example, pick up their orders at bar #1. It is the inventories of bar #1 that will be deducted with each order.”

explains Mélanie Roy, Director of PayFacto Professional Services.

The system allows precise and personalized inventory management within your establishment. Each employee has an assigned PAX terminal, defining their primary location of action. This feature not only allows you to channel employee movements in an orderly manner, but also to maintain an accurate inventory by systematically deducting items sold from the inventory assigned to each specific area. Thus, this guarantees optimized inventory management, avoiding potential errors and facilitating careful monitoring of sales according to the different service areas.

Speaking of optimization, Veloce POS’s requisition tool offers you the ability to carefully separate locations in order to accurately monitor the stock used per workstation, bar, fridge or employee. This granularity in monitoring makes it possible to have total control over operations, thus guaranteeing a serene and rational management.

But that’s not all, Veloce POS is also invited into your negotiations with your suppliers. At the end of the year, armed with detailed reports on your annual purchases, knowing that you bought 20,000 lbs of potatoes instead of the 8,000 lbs planned, you are in a strong position to renegotiate rates with your suppliers. It’s a proactive strategy that puts you in the driver’s seat, ready to make informed choices that will have a significant impact on your profit margins.

In the room, your servers also gain efficiency and serenity. They have real-time information about available dishes. No more awkward moments when you must tell the customer that the dish ordered is no longer available; Now the server is informed live and can advise the customer accurately and responsively.

It is also a guarantee to accurately track the sales of the products as the day progresses. Do you sell beers in different formats? The system allows you to surgically track the number of units sold, whether sold in bottles, buckets or even tasting. A visibility that allows you to adjust your offers and optimize your stocks with accuracy.

Thinking about onboarding new employees, the Ingredient List by Recipe report  is a true digital cookbook, offering a seamless transition for newcomers. It helps new hires quickly upgrade to your institution’s standards, ensuring consistent quality in the services offered.

What we remember above all is that even in its basic version, without the inventory management module, Veloce POS is a strength that can be counted on. It offers a range of management tools, from purchases to purchase orders, including accurate tracking of losses and returns.

Redefine your restaurant management with Veloce POS

In the end, Veloce POS is not just a tool, it is your daily partner, an ally who accompanies you in every step of your management, ensuring fluidity, control and serenity in a sector where every detail counts. Embark on the Veloce POS adventure and discover a new way to manage your establishment. Book your free demo now!