Imagine a culinary sanctuary in the heart of downtown Montreal, where you can escape for business brunches, after-work happy hours or weekend meetings. Welcome to Cathcart Restaurants and Biergarten, a 35,000-square-foot gastronomic haven enveloped by a 40-metre glass ceiling that lets you almost touch the sky as you dine.

Despite its impressive atmosphere and wide range of offerings, Le Cathcart was not immune to operational hurdles. From slow transactions to inventory system breakdowns, the food fair faced challenges that even its sumptuous meals couldn’t disguise. That’s where the seamless integration of PayFacto and Veloce POS systems made all the difference.

Vincent St-Pierre, General Manager at Le Cathcart, takes us on a journey through the transformation these systems have brought to their multi-faceted establishment.


Opened on January 23, 2020, Le Cathcart temporarily closed its doors due to COVID-19 three months later. When it reopened in July 2021, the food fair was eager to resolve its difficulties. Previously partnering with another payment solutions provider, they found it wasn’t robust enough to handle transactions, especially as the location is under a large glass roof, causing constant network issues.

It was in 2021 that Vincent St-Pierre decided to switch to PayFacto’s solutions after a demonstration provided by PayFacto’s David Lafleur and Julie Lachance. It’s a decision he is very pleased with today:

“The wonderful thing about PAX is the direct integration with the (Veloce POS) system. This has greatly improved the speed of service and completely eradicated errors when balancing cases. These are common when operating using a non-integrated supplier.”


The change was driven by the desire to address Wi-Fi connectivity issues, increase service speed, and find an inventory system that would allow real-time adjustments. The LTE technology offered by PayFacto, in particular, was a game-changer.

“We needed a system capable of handling a high volume of simultaneous transactions without the slightest problem”, explains Vincent St-Pierre.


After implementation, improvements were immediate:

  • Transaction times were considerably accelerated thanks to LTE technology.
  • The integration between Veloce POS and PayFacto made end-of-day closings more efficient and significantly reduced errors.
  • PayFacto’s rates are not only competitive, but the technical support is also outstanding.

“When I have machine problems, PayFacto’s service is very fast. Within 24 hours I usually have a technician here to change the problematic terminals.”

When you have to manage 14 restaurants, every minute and every transaction counts.

“I’d recommend PayFacto to a friend in a heartbeat”, says Vincent.

Optimize Your Restaurant with the Expertise of PayFacto and Veloce POS

In an industry where every minute counts, PayFacto and Veloce POS have given Le Cathcart restaurants the tools they need to operate seamlessly. From resolving Wi-Fi issues to dramatically reducing transaction errors, the results speak for themselves.

If you’re facing similar operational challenges in your restaurant, isn’t it time to consider a POS system that’s up to the task? Contact us to find out more about how PayFacto and Veloce POS can revolutionize your operations, as they have for Le Cathcart Restaurants and Biergarten.