Precise inventory management of alcohol and strict control of beverage pours are fundamental elements for any owner or manager of a bar or microbrewery. Accurate beverage management not only maintains adequate supply but also prevents losses and wastage that hurt profitability.

Meticulous control of beverage flow ensures a uniform and fair distribution every time, improving not only customer satisfaction but also financial performance. In essence, these two aspects are intrinsically linked and play a critical role in the long-term success of any establishment selling alcoholic beverages.

With this in mind, for over twenty years, Veloce has dedicated itself to the development of alcohol control systems. Our comprehensive solution, called VelMIX, is a true revolution in bar management. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, it is now possible to track pours in real-time without any loss. For each pitcher, pint, glass, cocktail or shooter served, systematically and without exception.

How VelMIX Combines Durability and Space-saving

VelMIX excels both in its exceptional robustness and its minimal size. Made with the highest quality materials, VelMIX offers unparalleled durability, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

Moreover, its small size ensures it will not clutter your workspace behind the bar. Its adaptability makes it an ideal solution for various types of establishments, from bars to restaurants to nightclubs.

The Ease of Use of VelMIX Turns Every Bartender into an Expert

But what especially distinguishes VelMIX is its ease of use. The system enables you to manage precisely the amounts of ounces poured and ensure consistency in your cocktail preparation. This precision is made possible thanks to programmable liquor control spouts that offer two types of flow rates for added flexibility.

Speaking of cocktails, their preparation becomes a breeze thanks to the screen connected to the Veloce POS system, which clearly displays all the required ingredients, recipe steps, and instructions to achieve the perfect mix!

Optimize Your Microbrewery with VelMIX: Precise Tracking and Customer Satisfaction

VelMIX also offers more specific solutions such as VelMIX LC, which allows for the opening and closing of valves during the pouring of beer, providing precise tracking and reducing losses. All draft beer sales are automatically recorded in the Veloce POS software, further optimizing the management of your microbrewery or bar.

The efficiency of VelMIX does not stop there. The system also ensures protection for your beer lines by controlling portions and offers complete transparency for both the bartender and the customer. These features contribute to optimized service and increased customer satisfaction.

Gain Efficiency and Profitability with VelMIX

Investing in VelMIX means taking a step ahead in an increasingly competitive market. Its impressive ROI will allow you to increase your transactions and avoid losses, thereby improving your profit margin. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your bar management: book your free demo now to discover all that VelMIX can do for you.