Anchored in the welcoming tradition of the English “Public House,” Blaxton Pub & Grill has become a symbol of culinary excellence and exceptional ambiance since its establishment in 2013. Offering a remarkable menu, unbeatable beer prices and a relaxed atmosphere, Blaxton is a benchmark for food quality, a variety of local products and ambiance. With four active locations in the Quebec region and three more under construction, the franchise is taking the market by storm. Manon-Élene Couturier, Director of Operations, shares her thoughts on how PayFacto and Veloce POS have become indispensable partners in improving service and profitability.


At the beginning of the reopening following the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, Blaxton had opted for the services of PayFacto but encountered some obstacles, leading them to turn to another provider, resulting in further operational efficiency issues.

“The manual steps required to reconcile the point-of-sale system with (PayFacto’s competitor) led to time losses, affecting customer satisfaction and ultimately our profitability. During peak hours, customers had to queue at separate counters for payments, thereby reducing customer satisfaction,” shares the Director of Operations.

In 2023, with the previous provider’s inaction in modernizing its services by adding table service terminals, Manon-Élene Couturier chose to renew the partnership with PayFacto. This decision was motivated by PayFacto’s commitment to innovate and continuously improve their table service terminals, as well as their willingness to provide uninterrupted support and training to their franchisees. Through its values and commitment, PayFacto managed to regain Blaxton’s trust and loyalty.


The timing chosen for the initial implementation at the St-Romuald restaurant at the headquarters went well. The second implementation was strategic, coinciding with the beginning of the Summer Festival at Blaxton on Cartier Street. The stakes were high: the success of this implementation would determine the extension of the PayFacto solution to the entire Blaxton chain. The objectives were clear:

  • Improve customer service
  • Increase server efficiency
  • Issue the bill at one table and immediately take the order at the neighbouring table
  • Save time and resources by reducing manual steps for servers.

The new system was implemented in stages. Each restaurant, from their original location to the busy airport installation, was analyzed to customize solutions and avoid past mistakes.

Fortunately, the results achieved met expectations, thereby solidifying the partnership with PayFacto for future operations.


Although precise measurements are pending, the impact is already noticeable.

“We have observed significant time savings, especially on the terrace during the summer months,” explains the Director of Operations.

The franchise was also able to offer faster service at their airport location, where every minute counts for travellers.

“With an average duration of 45 minutes between the customer’s arrival and departure for their flight, every moment is precious. Allocating a machine and section to each server has sped up service.”

Thanks to the A920 terminals and VelPay, not only has the service time been reduced, but the establishment also estimates significant cost savings.

“I would recommend PayFacto and Veloce POS without hesitation. It’s convenient, easy for the servers, and it allows us to save on equipment since we don’t need to buy computers for order points!” declares Manon-Élene Couturier.

Be the Next PayFacto and Veloce POS Success Story

Blaxton Pub & Grill, a brand born from 10 years of experience in the industry and an unrelenting quest for excellence, has found its match in PayFacto and Veloce POS. These partnerships have solved operational challenges and contributed to time and cost savings.

Are you facing similar difficulties? Schedule a free demo with PayFacto and Veloce POS to see how you can transform your establishment into another success story like Blaxton Pub & Grill.