Running a bar or microbrewery goes far beyond simply offering a diverse bar menu. It’s a delicate art that demands a precise inventory management and rigorous control over drink pouring. In this context, Veloce’s VelMIX solution stands as a true maestro orchestrating harmony between precision, durability and efficiency.

From accurate consumption analysis to crafting unique recipes and standardizing portions, every feature of VelMIX has been designed to help you maximize profitability while offering an unparalleled experience to your customers. Discover below how VelMIX can ease the creation of a compelling and appealing bar menu:

Take Advantage of Precise Consumption Data to Refine Your Menu

With VelMIX, you can track real-time quantities of each beverage served. Use this data to identify the most popular drinks and highlight them on your menu.

Develop Unique Recipes

With Veloce POS’s connected screen guiding your employees step by step in cocktail preparation, create unique and bold recipes, ensuring a signature unique to your establishment.

Standardize Your Portions

VelMIX helps you standardize portions with programmable pour spouts, ensuring consistency in every glass served. This allows you to establish a menu with precise descriptions of the amount of alcohol in each cocktail, providing transparency appreciated by customers.

Optimize Your Drink Prices

With rigorous tracking of alcohol quantities used, you can calculate the exact cost of each cocktail and adjust your prices accordingly, ensuring better profit margins.

Implement Targeted Promotions

Using data provided by VelMIX, identify less popular drinks and create targeted promotions to increase their sales, improving your stock turnover.

Impress Your Customers with Perfectly Balanced Drinks

The VelMIX LC system for draft beer service guarantees a perfect pour every time, avoiding waste while satisfying your customers with well-balanced drinks. Mention this level of precision and quality on your menu to reassure your customers about the excellence of your service.

Innovate with Seasonal Menus

Thanks to precise inventory tracking, you can easily spot seasonal beverages and use them to create innovative and attractive seasonal menus, offering freshness that will invite your customers to return.

Create the Perfect Bar Menu with VelMIX

You now have an idea of the wide range of possibilities VelMIX offers to enhance and modernize your bar menu. However, reading about the benefits of VelMIX can’t compare to the direct experience of seeing this solution in action.

Schedule your free VelMIX demo today and discover how you can transform your establishment into a well-oiled machine, where every detail is meticulously managed to ensure not only excellent profitability but also customer satisfaction that meets their expectations. Whether it’s standardizing portions for consistent quality or crafting bold recipes to impress your customers, VelMIX is the partner you’ve been waiting for.