The owner or manager of a bar bears the weighty burden of business management, a task fraught with challenges and slow periods. From maintaining equipment like damaged seating or faulty plumbing to inventory errors and payroll management, the list of challenges is extensive.

One often underestimated aspect of bar management is alcohol control. The high costs associated with alcohol losses, difficulties in controlling serving quantities, the risk of alcohol theft, stock management challenges, and compliance with alcohol laws can weigh heavily on establishments. This is where VelMIX, a dedicated alcohol control solution that helps bar owners and managers navigate these challenges more easily, comes into play.

VelMIX is a reliable, precise, and efficient beverage control system designed specifically to optimize bar operations. It offers a comprehensive range of beverage controllers, each tailored to specific needs.

Let’s explore how VelMIX can be the solution to your stock management and alcohol theft protection issues.

High Costs of Alcohol Stock Losses

One major concern in bar management is the cost associated with stock losses. With VelMIX, you have a poured alcohol control system that can help minimize these costs. The software tracks every drop of alcohol poured, providing you with a complete view of your resource usage. This not only prevents waste but also detects any unauthorized use.

Difficulty in Controlling Serving Quantities

Consistently serving drinks in line with the establishment’s standards is crucial for maintaining quality and customer satisfaction. VelMIX offers a beverage control system that ensures each glass is served with the exact amount of alcohol, eliminating variations that can affect the customer experience and profit margins.

Risk of Alcohol Theft

Alcohol theft is a problem many bar managers would prefer not to confront. VelMIX incorporates an alcohol control system that records every transaction, making any theft easily detectable. Moreover, the presence of a control system can act as a deterrent to employees tempted to divert resources.

Stock Management Challenges

Managing alcohol stocks can be complex, involving both logistical aspects and compliance requirements. VelMIX allows real-time tracking of stock levels, making it easier to place orders, avoid shortages or excess inventory, and help you stay in compliance with applicable standards and laws.

Compliance with Alcohol Beverage Laws and Regulations

Bars must comply with a multitude of alcohol beverage laws and regulations. VelMIX helps you stay compliant with its liquor control system, which can alert you when you approach legal limits, helping you avoid penalties and sanctions.

Full integration with Veloce POS also enables unprecedented traceability, creating an ecosystem where every drop of alcohol is counted, every transaction is monitored, providing not only robust theft prevention but also facilitating transparent and reliable stock management.

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