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About us

Veloce POS (point of sale) systems are extremely reliable and fully adapted to the reality of the markets it serves in order to maximize the efficiency and profitability of businesses. System performance, engineering and flexibility are at the heart of Veloce’s mission.

For over 20 years, the Veloce team has been developing and refining its management systems to perfectly match its customers’ needs. Veloce offers the same basic features as the competition but with more intelligent designs, which explains the trust our clients have in us. Veloce’s system also includes several exclusive features that will make it your most valuable ally to manage your business easily and efficiently.

Our developers and programmers are accessible—they want to hear from you to know how they can optimize your management, purchasing and decision-making processes.

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About PayFacto

In 2020, Veloce was acquired by PayFacto.

Headquartered in Montreal with offices in Canada, US and Europe, PayFacto is a North American leader in payment processing solutions with clients across all industries, as well as a global provider of high-quality fully integrated technology solutions for the hospitality industry. Learn more about PayFacto.

Our team

Danny Roy


Danny Roy began his career in the restaurant business in 1990 at his father’s restaurant. Soon, he noted that the field of restoration should be computerized. Veloce was launched in 1995. Rapidly POS Veloce software gained popularity and reached more than 1000 customers less than 5 years after the launch. Mr. Roy has an innate sense for developing innovative products. He has an extraordinary sense of analysis coupled with exceptional technical know-how in innovative product design superior to the best POS products in the industry.

Miguel Roy


Miguel Roy is a versatile engineer with varied knowledge of hardware and software along with a strong science research background. He started coding almost two decades ago with a very early interest in computer DOS internals. Miguel started coding during the school on a piece of paper. After school, he would transcribe the code into the his own computer. Miguel has been the principal system software engineer at Veloce since the beginning. Miguel has impressive self-teaching skills, he is resourceful in his knowledge-seeking and finds solutions to unique challenges rapidly.