Are You Ready for WEB-SRM?

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Quebec restaurant owners need to prepare for a significant transformation in their billing procedures. As you may already know, a new technology is about to change the way transactions are recorded in the restaurant industry. The current mandatory billing system, widely known as "SRM", is giving way to a more advanced version, WEB-SRM.

From Errors to Fraud: How Hotels and Restaurants Can Minimize Chargebacks

The direct financial hit from chargebacks is undeniable. Not only does the business have to pay back the transaction amount, but they might also incur hefty penalty fees. This double jeopardy of losing both revenue and paying a penalty can cripple establishments operating on thin margins, like many in the hospitality sector.

Decoding Chargebacks: Insights for the Hospitality Industry

Chargebacks, in the simplest terms, are forced transaction reversals initiated by the cardholder’s bank. A classic example in hotels might be when a guest claims they were wrongfully charged for minibar items they never consumed. In the restaurant sector, a diner may dispute being charged for a meal they claim they never ordered.

5 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Restaurant Managers

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The recipe for success in the restaurant industry isn't just about a great menu; it also includes a good grasp of key performance indicators (KPIs) according to your business objectives. By identifying and tracking the right indicators, you empower yourself to make informed business decisions, leading to more effective management and increased profitability.

How to Choose the Right POS System for Your Restaurant

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The landscape of restaurant technology has been transformed, with Point of Sale (POS) systems at the forefront of this revolution. Gone are the days when a simple cash register was enough to manage sales. In the past, restaurant staff would manually enter the price of each dish, potentially calculate taxes, and then open the cash drawer to finalize the purchase. Those days are over.

Best Practices for Bar Inventory Control and Theft Protection

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The owner or manager of a bar bears the weighty burden of business management, a task fraught with challenges and slow periods. From maintaining equipment like damaged seating or faulty plumbing to inventory errors and payroll management, the list of challenges is extensive.

Best Practices & Tips for Creating a Drinks Menu with VelMIX

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Running a bar or microbrewery goes far beyond simply offering a diverse bar menu. It's a delicate art that demands a precise inventory management and rigorous control over drink pouring. In this context, Veloce's VelMIX solution stands as a true maestro orchestrating harmony between precision, durability and efficiency.

How Blaxton Pub & Grill improved efficiency and customer experience with PayFacto and Veloce POS

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Anchored in the welcoming tradition of the English "Public House," Blaxton Pub & Grill has become a symbol of culinary excellence and exceptional ambiance since its establishment in 2013. Offering a remarkable menu, unbeatable beer prices and a relaxed atmosphere, Blaxton is a benchmark for food quality, a variety of local products and ambiance. With four active locations in the Quebec region and three more under construction, the franchise is taking the market by storm.

VelMIX: The liquor management champion for your bar

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Precise inventory management of alcohol and strict control of beverage pours are fundamental elements for any owner or manager of a bar or microbrewery. Accurate beverage management not only maintains adequate supply but also prevents losses and wastage that hurt profitability.

Le Cathcart's Journey to a Seamless POS Experience with PayFacto and Veloce POS

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Imagine a culinary sanctuary in the heart of downtown Montreal, where you can escape for business brunches, after-work happy hours or weekend meetings. Welcome to Cathcart Restaurants and Biergarten, a 35,000-square-foot gastronomic haven enveloped by a 40-metre glass ceiling that lets you almost touch the sky as you dine.