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How do I obtain the new SRM code for the WEB-SRM via ClicSÉQUR?

To obtain the SRM code for the WEB-SRM via ClicSÉQUR, contact ClicSÉQUR services by phone:

  • Quebec: 418 652-6014,
  • Montreal: 514 287-2014,
  • Elsewhere, (Canada): 1 855 271-0519.

Alternatively, fill out forms FO-350.CA See the form here (for existing merchants) or FO-350.DE  See the form here (for new businesses subject to mandatory invoice regulations) to receive the code.

Decommissioning an old physical SRM

Step 1: Data backup

Make sure you back up all the data on your old SRM before decommissioning it. You are required to keep this data for a minimum of 7 years.

Step 2: Notification

Inform Revenu Quebec of your intention to decommission the old SRM, and make sure you comply with all applicable guidelines and regulations.

Step3: Logout (Already logged out with the migration to the WEB-SRM)

Disconnect the old SRM from all systems, including the POS system and any associated equipment.

Step 4: Clear Data

Erase all data from the SRM in accordance with Revenu Quebec and SRM manufacturer guidelines, ensuring that no sensitive or financial data is accessible.

Step 5: Return or Dispose

Dispose of it securely in accordance with Revenu Quebec guidelines and local e-waste disposal laws.

General questions

What are the prices to transfer to the WEB-SRM?

The WEB-SRM is offered free of charge by Revenu Quebec. However, you must use a version of your POS software certified by Revenu Quebec. If you are on a perpetual license, you will need to upgrade to our SaaS offering.

What are the fees for this change? Do I need to buy any equipment?

As mentioned above, the WEB-SRM is free, but upgrading to a certified version of your POS software may incur costs.

Can I reserve my installation date?

Yes, you must make an appointment with your direct sales representative or reseller.

Do we have a credit for POS purchased in the last 2 years?

Yes, Revenu Quebec offers a refund program of $700 per SRM returned new after October 31, 2021.

See this document from Revenu Quebec about the Fiancial Compensation Program for the WEB SRM

Will the new version be Win7 compatible?

No, Windows 7 and older operating systems will no longer be supported.

Which industry/who is required to have a SRM?

We recommend contacting Revenu Quebec for a specific list of required industries. In general, the restaurant industry is subject to mandatory billing regulations. Certain exceptions apply, please check with Revenu Quebec.

If I open an establishment after November 1, 2023, can I get an exemption from using the WEB SRM?

An exemption will be available until June 30, 2024 for certain customers requiring more time to adapt.

Technical questions

How does WEB-SRM interact with my existing POS system?

The WEB-SRM requires a certified version of your POS software to communicate effectively with the platform, collecting transaction data and transmitting it to Revenu Quebec. The new WEB-SRM requires an Internet connection.

What are the hardware prerequisites for integrating WEB-SRM?

Hardware meeting our certified POS minimum requirements in terms of memory, CPU power and a recent version of Microsoft Windows. You’ll need to check this information with your supplier. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

How can I check that my POS software is up to date and compatible with MEV-WEB?

Veloce is a certified POS system. Contact us to update your solution. See the Veloce Certification

What security measures are in place to protect data transmitted via the WEB-SRM?

We use a secure HTTPS encrypted connection with Revenu Quebec.

How can I access the reports generated by the WEB-SRM?

The reports are available for consultation on your SEV. Annual WEB-SRM reports will be available in hard copy, and when they are produced, an electronic version will be sent to Revenu Quebec.

In the event of a network failure, how does the WEB-SRM handle reconnection and data transmission?

As soon as the outage is resolved, with the first transaction on your POS, the data will be sent automatically to Revenu Quebec.

Restaurant owners’ obligations

What is the deadline for the transition to the WEB-SRM?

The deadline is May 31, 2025.

What are the penalties for non-compliance with the WEB-SRM requirements after the deadline?

For specific penalties, it would be wise to contact Revenu Quebec.

Do I have to inform Revenu Quebec once the transition to the WEB-SRM is complete?

The WEB-SRM will automatically transmit transaction data to Revenu Quebec, but check with Revenu Quebec if additional notification is required.

How can I check that my system is correctly configured and compliant with the WEB-SRM requirements?

Work with your POS software supplier and consult the resources provided by Revenu Quebec. Your POS system will give you communication error messages and other messages if it encounters configuration problems related to the WEB-SRM.

What should I do if my current POS software is not certified for the WEB-SRM?

You will need to switch to a POS software that is certified by Revenu Quebec for the WEB-SRM. Veloce is a certified WEB-SRM POS.

What tax benefits or incentives are available to facilitate the transition to the WEB-SRM?

Revenu Quebec offers a $700 refund program for each SRM returned that was purchased after October 31st, 2021.

See this document from Revenu Quebec about the Fiancial Compensation Program for the WEB SRM

Are there any resources or support available to help with the transition to the WEB-SRM?

Yes, contact your direct sales representative or reseller for assistance. Contact us for more details

What are my obligations to be able to migrate to the WEB-SRM?

Make sure your POS software is certified, plan and book your conversion, and make sure your hardware is up-to-date and compliant with the WEB-SRM requirements. Contact us directly, so we can help you survey your installations.