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Manage your restaurant efficiently with Veloce,
the all-in-one point-of-sale software
designed specifically for restaurateurs.

New VelPAY

Your all-in-one hospitality POS and payment solution on a single handheld device for fast and flexible service

VelPAY is an all-in-one, next generation ordering and payment solution, combining mobility, speed, and security, specifically designed for the hospitality industry. VelPAY helps restaurants and bars streamline operations by combining a fully integrated state-of-the-art point of sale system and a secure and fast payment solution on the same handheld device. Whether you’re operating a bar, café, hotel, table service, casual dining, or quick service restaurant, VelPAY adapts to your every needs. VelPAY significantly simplifies business operations by cutting down unnecessary activities and reducing labour costs as fewer staff is needed to serve more customers.

Would you like to know how satisfied our customers are with our point of sale solution? Watch this video and find out!


Optimize your efficiency and profitability with the most reliable point of sale (POS) system, fully tailored to your needs

Veloce is available on iOS!

We are proud to announce that you can now download our software on your iPad tablets and iPhone smartphones. The  app will support any device that runs iOS 8 and higher! Whether it is table service, at the counter or even for deliveries, our app will exceed your expectations. All the features you love, the same rapidness, its legendary effectiveness and its unbeatable reliability,  now in the palm of your hand.

Managing easily all your POS System

Our Point of Sale (POS) system is fully customizable to suit your needs. This POS is the most reliable, efficient and optimized system on the market and will help to increase your profitability. This handheld tool helps manage and save time in reducing unnecessary steps by placing the order directly at the table.

Find the perfect fit for your POS interface

A contemporary and customizable design that fits your reality. Many options can be personalized such as colors, size and if you are left or right handed.


Our POS software provides comprehensive management reports that are almost completely customizable, and even has a statistics and reports portal for profitability analysis. Efficiency and profitability are at the heart of every feature we develop.


Our management system is secure and thoughtfully designed, and can adapt to any sector. Thanks to the intuitive interface, staff are able to use it effectively after one training session. The easily accessible features mean that it’s quick to use, no matter how busy you are.


As the most compatible POS software, it can be used with most of the POS equipment and peripherals on the market. Several solutions are integrated: Freebees, Hotello, Acomba, etc.


The Veloce system is approved by Revenu Québec and is already set up for mandatory billing. Beginning September 2015, bars will be the next establishments subject to this requirement. Our system is standards-compliant and user-friendly. Call us and we’ll walk you through it.

Contemporary and customizable design

A contemporary design that can be adapted to each individual situation: colors, size, left-handed, right-handed, etc.

Tailored and advanced

Veloce POS system is adapted for any device: smartphone, android, tablet and adapted to countertop.

Data Security: A Priority

Our POS software provides a reliable and seamless solution. Smooth operations and data security are priorities for Veloce.

7 000

satisfied customers

14 000

stations installed around the world

6 billions

in annual transactions processed

Here’s what some of our references our saying

Julie Lachance – Director of Operations for A5 Hospitality

“The VelMIX system is really very effective! When the employee runs a vodka, this simplifies the work of the employee. He only has to hand over the bill to the customer. Prices are very competitive. Customer service is always very fast and eclient.

I could go on to tell you several things that are positive about Veloce! Now 11 of our establishments use this POS system, I highly recommend this company!

I am satisfied with the service ! ”

Nicolas Urli – Co-Owner of Restaurant Hà

« We have a terrace, a restaurant, a bar/nightclub. We needed a system that allows us to avoid constantly calling technical support. If you are a restaurateur, I recommend Veloce »


« I’ve been in this business for almost 15 years and I honestly have to say that it’s the best one I’ve ever dealt with. We use it in both my venues (General Sherman and Beachclub) and it’s great.

The inventory system, the user-friendly features for our employees and their great after sale service is what counts the most for me. To be honest, you’re in good hands, as I’ve tried various competitors before and have never been better served than right now putting the system in place saved us a lot of money on all aspects of the business and it’s a clé-en-main. »

They place their trust in our systems

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