Veloce Third Party Integration

Increase Efficiency: Veloce POS's Integrated Partners to the Rescue

plore how Veloce POS, alongside its ecosystem of integrated partners like Libro, Push, Hotello, Freebees, Connect&Go, Acomba, and PayFacto, offers comprehensive solutions to overcome business challenges. From enhancing online bookings, streamlining human resources, improving hotel operations, to fostering customer loyalty and simplifying accounting, these solutions are designed to increase efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.
VelPay - Veloce POS - Restaurant Management solution

Navigating the challenges of the hospitality industry: Solutions for sustainable success

Discover how VelPay by Veloce addresses major issues in the hospitality and catering industry. By simplifying processes, eliminating double entry errors, and speeding up order processing, VelPay helps restaurants deliver a better customer experience while increasing their profitability.
Veloce POS - restaurant management

Veloce POS: The Ideal Partner for Efficient Restaurant Management

Transform your restaurant with Veloce POS - the perfect solution for efficient management. Our system, tailored to the hospitality industry, offers intuitive ordering, seamless integration, and cost management. Contact us now for a free demo! #restaurantmanagement #hospitalityindustry #VelocePOS